Connect and eConnect newsletters

ARQRV Connect and eConnect are the members newsletters.

Each edition includes an editorial by the president and articles on topical issues relevant to residents of retirement villages.

The issue immediately before membership renewal time also includes a renewal form for annual members.

A Connect is sent 3 times a year to members.  Printed copies are sent by post or where requested, to the member’s email address.

An eConnect is sent 3 times a year to only those members with a registered email address.

You can also access the current issue and the two previous issues of each newsletter from the links below.

The information in the newsletters is current at the time of publishing.

ARQRV Connect

Current issue – October 2020 (AGM Issue) Issue 112 (PDF)

Previous issue 1 – September 2020 Issue 111 (PDF)

Previous issue 2 – June 2020 Issue 110 (PDF)

ARQRV eConnect

Current issue – April 2020 (PDF)

Previous issue 1 – February 2020 (PDF)

Previous issue 2 – October 2019 (PDF)