Become a member

Classes of membership

All classes of membership are eligible to receive the same level of service.

All classes of membership are subject to the limitations of expenditure policy in their first year of membership.

Membership for residents

Any resident of a Queensland retirement village may become an ARQRV member at any time by either of the following ways:

  • by making annual payments (Ordinary Member); or
  • by a once only payment for life (Financial Life Member).

Membership is per accommodation unit and includes up to two residents in the unit.

Membership for non-residents

Non-residents of retirement villages may join as an Associate Member by paying annual payments. You may apply for associate membership if you are:

  • a person aged 55 years or older who is considering becoming a resident of a retirement village, or
  • a relative of an ordinary member or of a life member.

Associate members do not have voting rights nor are eligible for election to the committee.

Ordinary Member and Associate Member (annual payment)

Where paying by annual payments, new members must:

  • pay a once only joining fee; plus
  • the annual membership fee.

Membership is for a calendar year (1 January to 31 December) and paid in advance. Where the initial payment is made before the annual general meeting in September, the membership will expire on 31 December of that year unless it is renewed. Where payment is made after the annual general meeting, membership will continue until 31 December of the following year.

To remain financial for the next calendar year members who pay annually must pay the Ordinary Membership fee or Associate Membership fee before 31 December each year.

Financial Life Member (once only payment)

Where you pay for a life membership you do not need to renew each year and do not pay the initial joining fee.

Current fees

New Ordinary Membership fee – $50 per accommodation unit ($30 one year membership plus a one-off $20 joining fee)

Financial Life Membership fee – $250 per accommodation unit

Associate Membership fee — $50 ($30 one year membership plus a one-off $20 joining fee)

Benefits to members

In relation to retirement village living, including exit entitlements and contract disputes:

  • ARQRV may provide options and specialist advice to resolve your issues
  • ARQRV may provide a specialised and experienced mediator on particular issues
  • ARQRV may seek specialised legal advice on your behalf
  • ARQRV may provide assistance to a member of your family regarding estate matters
  • ARQRV will keep you informed of developments within the industry by three newsletters a year and monthly electronic updates

Limitations of ARQRV expenditure policy

Expenditure outlaid by ARQRV for external services such as legal fees for new members who join for the explicit purpose of having a dispute resolved during the first twelve months of membership, is limited to the amount paid for their first yearly membership.

To clarify, new ordinary members would be limited to the amount of annual membership fee and the joining fee while new lifetime members would be limited to the amount of a lifetime membership fee.

How to join

Note — Persons considering Associate Membership must contact the ARQRV office to apply.

To join as an Ordinary Member or Financial Life Member you need to do all of the following:

  1. choose the class of membership (annual payment or life member); and
  2. complete the membership application form with the appropriate details; and
  3. pay the relevant fee for the class of membership you have chosen.

There are three ways that the joining process can be undertaken. You may do one of the following:

  • use the online joining and paying facility and then as a courtesy advise your village membership support officer, where there is one, that you have joined; or
  • hand your completed membership application form and payment to your village membership support officer, where there is one; or
  • forward the completed membership application form to the ARQRV office by email or by surface mail and pay by cheque or direct credit and then as a courtesy please advise your village membership support officer, where there is one, that you have joined.

Membership application forms are also attached to ARQRV brochures.