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Please refer to the following table and accompanying notes to decide which membership class and joining method suits you.

Prospective members are advised that the Association has public liability insurance (s 70(4)(i)) of the Associations Incorporation Act).

Class of Membership Ordinary Member 
(pay annual membership fee)
Financial Life Member
(once-off payment for life)
Associate Member
(pay annual membership fee)


A resident of a Queensland retirement village may join at anytime.
Note 1a

Non-resident only
Note 1b


In relation to retirement village living, including payment of exit entitlements and contract disputes, ARQRV may –

  • provide options and specialist advice to resolve a member’s issue
  • provide specialised and experienced assistance on a particular issue
  • seek specialised legal advice on your behalf
  • provide assistance to a relative, where the member is unable

ARQRV keeps members informed of developments within the industry by regular electronic updates and three printed newsletters a year.

Note 2

Membership fee

12 mths
Note 3a
(pro rata)
Note 3c
(once only payment)
Note 3b
12 mths
Note 3a
(pro rata)
Note 3c

Administration fee

$25 (once only payment)
Note 4


Included in membership fee payment

$25 (once only payment)
Note 4

Renewal payment due date

Membership fees are due each year 1 March 
Note 5


No renewal required

Membership fees are due each year 1 March 
Note 5

How to join

Do one of the following:

Join Online Now

Contact ARQRV membership

Eligible to vote at ARQRV meeting and nomination for committee?

Note 7

Eligibility for benefits

All classes of membership are eligible to receive the same level of service and benefits from ARQRV.

Benefits for a family member

Note 8a
In certain instances
Note 8b

Limitation of expenditure policy

Note 9

All fees include GST.

Note 1a – Eligibility for membership (resident)

A resident of a Queensland retirement village may join as an ordinary member (also known as an annual member) or a financial life member.  

Note 1b – Eligibility for membership (non-resident)

A non-resident may become an associate member at any time, if the person is (a) aged 55 years or older and is considering becoming a resident of a retirement village; or (b) a relative of an ordinary (annual) or financial life member.

Note 2 – Benefits of membership

Some benefits provided by ARQRV may not be suitable for the particular circumstances of associate members.

Note 3a – Membership fee (ordinary (annual) member)

Membership is for 12 months (1 March to 28 February), is paid in advance and includes all residents of an accommodation unit.

Where a new ordinary (annual) or an associate membership payment is made before 1 September, the membership will expire on 28 February of the following year, unless it is renewed.

Note 3b – Membership fee (financial life member)

Membership fee for a financial life member is a once only payment, is paid for an accommodation unit and is for the life of all residents living in the unit.  It includes the joining fee.   

Note 3c – Pro rata ordinary (annual) or associate membership fee

Where a person joins as an ordinary (annual) member or as an associate member, between 1 September and 28 February, a pro rata membership fee is payable.  A new ordinary (annual) membership or associate membership fee will be due on 1 March for membership for the following year.

Note 4 – Administration fee

A person who joins as an ordinary member (annual member) or as an associate member must pay a one-off administration fee.

Note 5 – Due date for future annual payments

To remain financial and to receive benefits for the next calendar year, ordinary (annual) members and associate members must pay the annual membership fee before 1 March each year.

If the ordinary (annual) or associate membership fee is not paid by the 30 March, another administration fee will be payable when the annual fee is paid.

Note 6– Contact your village membership support officer

Where your village has a membership support officer, you may join and pay by contacting them.

Note 7 – Eligible to vote at ARQRV meeting

Members are entitled to one vote per accommodation unit at an ARQRV meeting.

Note 8a – Benefits for a family member

Benefits provided to an ordinary member or financial life member are also provided to a family member where assistance is required until the time the exit entitlement is paid.

Note 8b – Benefits for a family member

Benefits will be provided to the family of an associate member who are also members of ARQRV.

Note 9 – Limitations of ARQRV expenditure policy

In the first 12 months of membership for all membership classes, expenditure outlaid by ARQRV for external services, such as legal fees, is limited to the amount paid by the new member.  To clarify, new ordinary (annual) and associate members are limited to the amount of annual membership fee plus the administration fee, while new financial life members are limited to the amount of a lifetime membership fee.