Leaving a village

The Department of Housing and Public Works, Queensland Government, Queensland Retirement Villages and Parks Advisory Service (QRVPAS), Caxton Legal and ARQRV have produced the following information about leaving a retirement village.

Information provided by Department of Housing and Public Works

Topics covered include:

  • Rights and responsibilities when leaving a village
  • Condition of unit when leaving
  • Reselling a unit
  • Rights of a spouse or relative to live in a unit when you leave

This information may be found at https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/leaving-the-retirement-village

Information provided by Queensland Retirement Village and Parks Advisory Service (QRVPAS)

QRVPAS has produced the factsheet Moving out of a Retirement Village (https://queenslandlawhandbook.org.au/factsheets-and-self-help-kits/moving-out-of-a-retirement-village/)

Information provided by ARQRV

The following articles have been prepared by ARQRV to assist when residents are leaving a village.

Reinstatement /refurbishment costs

Reselling the right to reside

Check list for residents departing freehold villages

Check list for residents departing leasehold or loan / licence villages