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For residents – listed under Living in a village and Leaving a village

For residents committee

For prospective residents

For residents

Living in a village

Access to operational documents by a resident – read

Behavioural standards

Behavioural standards under the Retirement Villages Act 1999read

Love thy neighbour…. (and thy Qld Retirement Village Scheme Operator) and article by DSL Law – read

Dispute resolution – read

Embedded networks (and rebates) – read

Estate and future planning – read

Help (how to get) – read


Double insurance – read

Solar installations – read

Water appliance malfunction – read

Recording the death of a joint resident – read

Residence contract

Importance of referring to your residence contract) – read

New spouse (adding new to residence contract) – read

Residents constitution – read

Residents entitlement to vote – read

Residents funds  – read

Residents participation in the affairs of the village – read

Retirement Villages Act 1999 – read

Amendments to the Act (PDF)– read

Right to reside in accommodation unit – read

Statutory charge over village land – read

Leaving a village

Sale of freehold unit and the resale of the right to reside therein – read

Resale of the right to reside in leasehold or licence accommodation unit – read

Exit entitlement (when payable) – read

Help (how to get) – read

Leaving a village (guide to) – read

Reinstatement and renovation work

Reinstatement work – responsibility of costs – contracts dated before 1 Feb 21019 (summary only) – read

Reinstatement work – contracts dated between 15 Mar 2006 & 31 Jan 2019 – read

Reinstatement and renovation work – contracts dated from 1 Feb 2019 – read

Reselling the right to reside on different contractual basis – read

Retirement Villages Act 1999 – read

Amendments to the Act (PDF) – read






For residents committees

Support Desk (for residents committee) – read

Sign up form – read


Insurance guidelines for residents committees – read

Volunteer work cover in the village – read

Manual (for residents committee)– read

Registration of – read

Retirement Villages Act 1999 – read

Village budgets

Financial statements and village budget timeline – read

Running cost deficit in developing village – read

Retirement Living Expenditure Guidelines –  Read flipbook (recommended)Print PDF

Village Financials – read

For prospective residents

Access to operational documents by prospective resident – read

Disclosure of information and access to documents before signing residence contract and residency – read

Quick look at retirement villages – read

Matters to consider before signing your residence contract – read