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In most of our insurance policies, we have a requirement to assist the insurer when we make a claim. This means we must give the insurer all the information and assistance which the insurer reasonably needs, to handle our claim.

The insurer has the right to recover all amounts payable under our claim, from any other person who is responsible for the damage which is the subject of the claim and therefore we must co-operate with the insurer in any action which they are entitled to take.

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Double insurance

Double insurance can happen when the scheme operator and the resident both effect their own insurance cover for the same property against the same occurrence or event.

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Solar Installations

In Australia and particularly in this State of Queensland where we have an abundance of sunlight, it is no wonder that we see a great number of retirement village homes nowadays with solar panels adorning the roof. In most cases a residential unit would not automatically come with solar installation.

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Water appliance malfunction

How can a simple incident turn into a major concern? Fixtures and fittings attached to a residential unit are automatically insured under the village insurance as required under ss 109 and 110 of the Retirement Villages Act 1999.

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