Residents Committee Help Desk

 What is the Help Desk?

ARQRV is aware that many residents committees struggle to understand their role, and are also often unsure of the requirements of the Retirement Villages Act.

The help desk provides specialist help and advice to residents committees about matters relevant to the of role residents committees.  ARQRV has established a portfolio within the association’s committee structure which focuses on providing assistance to residents committees.

The help desk compliments the ARQRV Residents Committee Manual.

*ARQRV will also advise and assist with the establishment of a residents committee.

How does the Help Desk work?

A member of a subscribing residents committee may contact the Help Desk by phone or email with a query. The query will be referred by the Help Desk to an ARQRV committee member with the appropriate expertise in that area who will contact you and address your issue.

How much does the Help Desk cost?

Fees are paid annually and are based on the number of accommodation units within a village regardless of the number of ARQRV members.  Subscriptions will be valid for 12 months from the date of payment.

Number of accommodation units Annual fee
Up to 50 $30
51 to 100 $50
101 – 200 $70
Over 200 $90

How to subscribe

To subscribe, you must send a completed Residents Committee Help Desk Sign Up form and payment to the ARQRV office.  The form is also available from the ARQRV office.

Please note – only one renewal notice will be emailed per year.  The invoice is payable within 30 days.

*Residents may subscribe in anticipation of a committee, where they wish to be provided ARQRV assistance in its establishment.  The help desk service will continue to be available to the committee after its establishment.

ARQRV Help Desk contact details

Telephone: 0437 906 074 


(The desk is sometimes unattended.  Please leave a clear voice message, if your call is not answered.)