Residents committee manual

The correct operation of a residents committee is paramount to having a harmonious village community.  

Also, residents committees, and residents generally, should be aware of various fundamental principles which relate to participation by residents, who want to be involved, in the affairs of their village – read more.  

A comprehensive manual, in loose-leaf printed format, for the establishment and operation of a residents committee is available to all villages.  To compliment the manual the Residents Committee Support Desk is available to further advise and assist subscribing residents committees.

ARQRV will supply one free copy to every village with a residents committee and to every village which intends establishing a residents committee.  The manual must be ordered from the ARQRV office.

Even though it is a residents committee manual, ARQRV committee recommends the manual should  be easily accessible to all residents and not just the committee. If needed, residents may decide to purchase additional copies for the village library or reading room.

Manuals are also available for purchase by any ARQRV member.

The manual may be read online without cost in flipbook format – read only file.

Register your manual to recieve updates

The manual will be updated in line with future legislative changes.  On receipt of your manual you should register your contact details to receive updates.

Where contact details registered with ARQRV – for a period of not more than 3 years, updates will be automatically emailed as PDF files to registered users for printing.

To receive ongoing updates, users must ensure contact details are kept up to date with the ARQRV office.  To update contact details another registration form may be completed with the new details.

Contact details not registered with ARQRV – non-registered users will be advised via ARQRV newsletters that updates are available.  Members must telephone the office to arrange for a hard copy to be sent.  Postage may be charged.

Purchasing additional copies

Every village is entitled to receive one free copy for use by all residents and the residents committee.

Residents may also decide at a residents meeting to purchase additional copies.

Any financial member of ARQRV may purchase and own a copy of the manual for their own use.

Contact the ARQRV office to order a copy of the manual for $55 (inc GST), which covers printing, binding and postage.

Examples for download and use

The following examples included as annexes in the manual are available in Microsoft Word format for download and amendment to suit the specific requirements of your village:

1 A – Notice of meeting to establish residents committee (download in MS Word)

1B – Notice of preliminary meeting to establish residents committee (MS Word)

2 – Notice of meeting for special resolution (MS Word)

3 – Ballot paper for special resolution (MS Word)

4 – Voting results for special resolution motion (MS Word)

5 – Nomination for election of member of residents committee (MS Word)

6 – Contents of minutes of residents committee meeting (MS Word)

7 – Ballot paper for election of members of residents committee (MS   Word)

8 – Proxy form (MS Word)

9 – Attendance and voting register (MS Word)

Model Residents Constitution March 2024 – with explanation of clauses (MS Word)

The Model Residents Constitution, without explanation of clauses, has been removed to encourage working parties to read the full version with explanations, available above.


Topics covered in the manual

In addition to the procedures for establishing and operating a residents committee, the manual also provides:

  • guidelines for resident’s meetings
  • voting procedures
  • information about village budgets
  • a model residents constitution
  • examples of voting forms and content of minutes.