Thinking about living in a retirement village


ARQRV, and other agencies and bodies have produced information about living in a retirement village.

Information provided by Queensland Retirement Village and Parks Advice Service (QRVPAS)

Topics covered include:

  • Frequently asked questions regarding retirement villages
  • Moving into a retirement village (Self-help Kit)
  • Fees and charges (Factsheet)

Contact QRVPAS for more information.

Information provided by Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning and Public Works

Topics covered include:

  • Buying a unit in a retirement village
  • Documents the operator must supply
  • Fees
  • Village finances

Compare villages – there’s a lot to consider when deciding on a retirement village. Get the facts to help you choose your next home.

If you’re considering moving into a Queensland retirement village, check the Departments advice and information, including village fees and features.

Compare villages here.


Information provided by the Retirement Living Council

The Wise Move website has been created by the Retirement Living Council as a dedicated website offering unbiased information on retirement living options. Here you will find a variety of information about retirement living alternatives that has been designed to help you make informed decisions.

Look for the Book of Wise Moves.

Additional information provided by ARQRV

The following articles are provided as a guide for prospective residents of retirement villages.

A quick look at retirement villages

There are various arrangements under which retirement villages operate.

It is important that person thinking about living in a retirement village understand differences between arrangements.  Read more

Matters to consider before signing your residence contract

The ARQRV suggests that persons considering a retirement village should consider various important matters before signing a contract.  Read more

Disclosure of information and access to documents before signing residence contract and occupation of unit

Briefly explains that a scheme operator must, within certain timeframes, provide to a prospective resident, certain information documents relating to residency within the village, and when requested, information documents relating to the operation of the village.  Read more