Fact sheets

ARQRV has produced a range of informative fact sheets designed to provide up-to-date information on a variety of topics.

Fact sheets marked with ‘*’ relate to changes to the Retirement villages Act 1999.

1– *Amendments to the Retirement Villages  Act 1999 (PDF)

A brief explanation of changes to the Retirement Villages Act under the Building Consumer Confidence Initiative.

2 – *Buy back provisions (PDF)

Explanation of the change to the Retirement villages Act which provides some certainty an exit entitlement will be paid to a former resident or to their estate no longer than 18 months after the right to reside is terminated – applies to all residents who have a right to be paid an exit entitlement regardless of when their residence contract was signed.

3 – *Behavioural standards (PDF)

Explanation of behavioural standards for residents and their guests, and scheme operators – applies to all residents and scheme operators regardless of when the residence contract was signed.

4 – Moving into a retirement village (PDF)

Important matters to consider before buying into a retirement village.

5 – Leaving a retirement village (PDF)

Important matters you should be aware of when leaving a village.

6 – Reinstatement vs refurbishment (of accommodation unit) when leaving a retirement village (PDF) – this fact sheet is under review

Information about reinstatement and refurbishment of a unit when leaving the village.

7 – Estate planning (PDF)

What needs to be put in place before it is too late.

8 – Thinking of becoming an ARQRV membership support officer (PDF)

Information for prospective ARQRV membership support officers.

9 – What to look for in your contract (PDF)

Some important areas in a residence contract which need to be considered before you sign.

10 – *Pre-contractual disclosure (PDF)

Explanation about the information to be given to prospective residents and the timeframes for giving of the information.

11 – *Reselling a right to reside (PDF)

Information about procedures to be followed by the scheme operator and the former resident on resale of a unit – applies to all residence contracts.

12 – *Access to operational documents (PDF)

Explanation of how residents or prospective residents access operational documents.

13 – *Reinstatement of retirement village units (PDF)

Requirements under a contract made on or after 1 Feb 2019, for resident reinstatement of a unit to the condition it was in when the resident moved in, minus fair wear and tear – applies to residence contracts signed on or after 1 Feb 2019.