Get Involved

ARQRV members are encouraged to become active in the association by joining one of the subcommittees, nominating for a position on the committee, or becoming a membership support officer for their village.

Nominate for the committee

Committee members are elected at ARQRV’s Annual General Meeting. However, you may like to be an observer at a committee meeting prior to nomination.

Nominate for a subcommittee

Subcommittees support the operation of the committee.

To find out more about subcommittees and nomination for membership visit How we work.

Nominate to be a membership support officer

The ARQRV committee is always looking for volunteers to become village membership support officers (MSO).

Expressions of interest for nomination to become a MSO are welcome at any time.

Find out about the role of a membership support officer and how to nominate.


Become an ARQRV member

ARQRV assists financial members with issues they have with village operators. Find out how they can help you and how to become a member.