ARQRV as lobbyist

Lobbying government and the industry to advance and protect the rights and interests of all residents in Queensland retirement villages is an important part of ARQRV operation.

Assistance to financial members

We assist and advise our members in conflicts with village operators. Initially we will seek to resolve issues through an informal mediation process. We may assist members by writing a letter or suggesting the best approach to resolve a situation.

If the issue cannot be resolved, we may suggest a formal mediation process and if necessary progress to adjudication through the Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal.

ARQRV does not become involved in disputes between residents, nor disputes between residents and a residents committee.

The ARQRV also encourages members to become aware of their rights and village residents in terms of their contracts and the Retirement Villages Act 1999, and endeavours to keep them informed on issues significant to the retirement living lifestyle.

The ARQRV Connect, our newsletter, is circulated to members 4 times a year.   It is sent electronically to members who provide an email address.  A printed copy is posted where no email address is provided.  You are encouraged to provide an email address, if you have one.

Our website provides up to date information and articles on relevant issues for our members. We also keep in touch with a wider audience on Facebook.

The Association offers advice to residents’ committees regarding their role, provides useful articles and information that benefits members, and from time to time organises conferences or events aimed at educating and empowering members. A comprehensive residents committee manual is also available.

Village visits

On invitation from a village, ARQRV committee members or sub-committee members will address groups of residents in your village about the work undertaken by the association and topical issues within the industry.

Sessions are free and last about one hour.  All residents of the village are invited and welcome to attend.

After the session there is opportunity for non-members to join the association.

Contact the ARQRV office to make a booking.